The 3U’s: the Unknown, the Unexpected and Uncertainty

What used to be the exception is now the norm.


ne upheaval follows another, a change overtakes the next, and uncertainty increases. For executives and managers at all levels this means: Leading in the Unknown, overcoming the Unexpected and developing confidence in dealing with Uncertainty. For teams and organizations it means: How do we work together to shape our own future and to have sustainable success – despite the unpredictable turmoil and constant changes.

We help leaders, teams and organizations to manage the 3U’s successfully:

The Unknown: the future cannot be predicted, but the future can be shaped. The idea is to develop robust strategies within the management team, to solidify them by learning along the way and to implement them as the result of a common interaction between all levels of management and staff.

The Unexpected is the only thing we can certainly expect. It is about anchoring flexibility and resilience in the thinking and actions of the various players as well as in the relevant organizational and structural elements. Individual and organizational awareness plays a key role in this process.

Uncertainty is the accompanying music, both when people step proactively into the unknown, as well as when they have to cope with the unexpected. If executives and key people develop confidence in dealing with uncertainty, this makes the whole organization stronger in difficult times.



Werner Bein

Born in 1957, “The Specialist.” – for exceptional projects in companies, on mountains, rivers or the sea. Consultant, trainer and partner of leaders and teams for more than 25 years. Realizes sustainable results especially within large groups and with complex tasks to be solved. Ran the most challenging rivers in the far corners of the world.
Contact: Tel: +43 664 4058616


Rainer Petek

Born 1965, MSc in Organizational Development, supports globally acting companies since 1998 in change processes and strategy implementation. Author, international lecturer. Teaches in the Executive MBA program in the Danube University Krems in the module “Leadership for Business Performance”. Climbed the most difficult North Faces of the Alps at the age of only 19 years.
Contact: phone +43 664 16 029 08


Florian Pichler

Born in 1967, lives in Abtenau, an independent trainer / consultant since 1996, education-program for being a trainer and behavioral coach at the University of Salzburg in 1999, a successful conflict-mediator since 2010. Specialties: he recieves very positive feedback for assisting people in changing environments and for establishing productive business cultures which are able to handle conflicts better. Enthusiastic about exercise and sports in nature.
Contact: Tel: +43 650 4928990


Herbert Schreib

Born 1962, Mag.phil, advises and supports worldwide renowned companies since 1992 in change, leadership and cooperation. Coach sought by top managers and executive teams. Since 2008 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Trainer. Integrated successfully Mindfulness in daily life of managers. Long time working as raft guide and kayak instructor in Europe and the U.S.. 1988: Vice World Champion in rafting.
Contact: Tel: +43 650 91 21 006