Big Scale Conferences

Big Scale Conferences


he entire organization in one room – that’s the fascination of large groups of 50 to 200 participants or more! We have over 10 years of experience with all known big-group formats, including our own designs and creative format combinations:

The concentrated power, the ideas, the wisdom, and the presence of a company can be felt from everyone involved when a big group works in an “Open Space” manner on important topics.

RTSC formats help to implement strategies in such a way that they can be lived down to the base. World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Conference, etc. belong to our repertoire.

Of course, whichever method we use depends on the task. In any case using such Large-Scale-Formats always creates a special way of identification with the participants.

Unique on the market: if desired, we tie the meeting to an activity in the nature or in the area of the venue, which stimulates the participants to be actively involved and to collaborate during the whole Big-Group-Workshop.

Such conferences can last 1,5 to 3 days. Typical occasions are:


  • Leadership-Conferences
  • Strategy Roll-Outs
  • Annual Area Meetings
  • Forums for Customers, Supplier and Partners
  • Annual Target Conferences