Change Processes Overview

Change Processes Overview


hen we speak of Change Processes, we mean the active support of development, learning and change in organizations.

As consultants, our basic assumption is that we truely believe that every company has the ability to produce comprehensive solutions and ideas. Solutions are the result of dialogical work and a shared process. We are there to support that process and to supply helpful stimulus. Development itself can never be made from only the outside, it always has a big segment of internal effort.

Sometimes organizations want to delegate their own development to external consultants. Then “strangers” create ideas and solutions outside the company. Afterwards these concepts are more or less imposed on the entire company. Very often the ideal solutions are only theoretical. Managers and teams do not implement them or reject them because they simply do not fit to the operational reality of the company or because people do not feel as the owner of ideas.

The emphasis of our work can be called „supportive consultancy”. That means: asking, observing, moderating, stimulating through well thought out interventions. We offer guidance and set activating stimulus to accelerate the process.
We provide expertise in special topics like: strategy, leadership and cooperation, primarily to give guidance and to open up a dialog to find options and alternatives for decisions and activities.

Successful change processes, whether evolutionary or radical, need the deep involvement of responsible managers and personnel and can only happen from the inside out. This increases the acceptance of ideas and solutions because they were produced by the system itself, and it heightens the chances for the implementation.

Our expertise includes the following areas: