onflicts are normal. In any organization. To be an outstanding team does not mean to have no conflicts. It actually means that such effective teams have learned to handle conflicts in productively. With people able to use the energy and force of a conflict for their own development, the organization benefits tremendously.

Sometimes, tensions show up in the business environment not only internally but even with external partners, customers and suppliers. We have the right methods and experience for such difficult occasions.

When dealing with conflicts, we rely on the principles of mediation, cleverly combined with our experience from many tough situations in consulting projects.

We believe that the people who are involved in the conflict are the true experts in order to reach a solution. Our part is the active moderation and mediation. We aim to reach agreements between the parties, which are focused on further future cooperation.

By moderating we create settings where active listening and understanding of each other’s situation is possible. The exchange of information about what these perspectives mean to the parties leads to creating the ground for future-oriented negotiations. We are not satisfied with the first quick solution. We encourage people to find different scenarios. Only then it becomes easier to select the right one for the specific situation at hand.


There is no “hidden agenda” within our Conflict-Moderation. We never know what the outcome will be. That is part of handling the Unexpected and the Unknown.
Well considered and coordinated processes for conflict resolution ensure the sustainability of the results.

Das U-Modell: Input und Vorgehen bei Konfliktmoderationen. Ein Chart aus einem Workshop.