For whom?

For whom?


ost of the companies we support are multinational corporations. Some of our customers are small and medium sized companies, partially led by the owners.
Origin and headquarters are predominantly in the German-speaking European countries. Almost all of them are active all over the world.
Executives, managers, project managers, key persons and HR managers are the ones who initiate cooperation with us.

Executives, managers, project managers, key persons and HR managers are the ones who initiate cooperation with us.

Below you find some issues and characteristics that many of our customers have in common:

  • All see themselves forced to develop their company, their area or their team further on. Usually in an environment that can be described with many currently used terms: turmoil, dynamics, uncertainty, complexity, speed, unpredictability, turbulence.
  • The support we are are ask to give deduces almost logically from these realities: to gain confidence in dealing with uncertainty and to develop managers, teams and employees in such a way that they can improve their handling of the unexpected and unknown in this situation.
  • Often customers desire multi-dimensional benefits. There is a main theme to it, such as the development of a sturdy strategy for a major region. All managers and employees should focus toward that strategy and consistently pursue it. A sub-goal might be to form a strong community able to communicate quickly and easily beyond borders and levels of hierarchy. Additionally, the cooperation with important interface partners is to be optimized.
  • Sometimes the focal point is just to listen to an inspiring talk, or to moderate an important workshop where the ego of the consultant is far less in the center of attention than team and topic.

3U LEADERS as a partner for pioneering ideas and for implementing them into business
The thinking of executives is getting “louder and louder”. Some of them are seriously trying to find new ways to strengthen their businesses not only for present times but also to guide them into a prospering future. Many realize that always the same interventions no longer meet the demands. It requires new approaches and methods. „Something else” is needed!

These new approaches have become evident. There are more and more practical and very successful examples that show you what a new and innovative management-philosophy can look like. Fascinatingly, these examples seem to be able to handle the 3U’s effectively- the Unexpected, the Unknown and the Uncertain.



Das Team: Rainer Petek, Herbert Schreib, Werner Bein, Florian Pichler (von links)

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