Inner Strength for Uncertain Times

Inner Strength for Uncertain Times


highly effective training for managers and key personnel.

The goal: to gain and stabilize inner strength!

Inner Strength can be seen in qualities like: solution-orientation and proactive creation, even in the most adverse circumstances, stamina and stress resistance as well as flexibility and adaptability. Implementation skills and the ability to adapt constantly to new and unforeseen circumstances are further key elements.
All qualities that are essential in dealing with uncertainty. Especially in highly demanding situations, during difficult issues and in the turbulence of complex decisions.

The training data

•    Module 1: 2,5 days offsite – ideally in the mountains of Salzburg, basic training

•    A day of reflection: after 3-4 months, in the company, reflecting on the experiences, refreshing the core issues

•    Module 2: 2,5 days, again offsite, deepening and intensifying the issues

The content is designed to meet the high demands of executives, project managers and key employees.
We train and concentrate intensly on:

  • how it becomes possible to be constructive and solution-oriented, even under the most adverse conditions
  • the importance of the focus on strengths, and the positive benefits of that for inner strength
  • how helpful it is to find meaning in what we do, and how it is possible to experience many situations as meaningful
  • what a strong force our world of thoughts has, and how we can cultivate our thinking for our purposes
  • how strong emotions can affect us – both positively and negatively- and how we can constructively and intelligently deal with emotions
  • how important good relationships with colleagues are, and how we can develop them despite hectic lives and pressure
  • how physical well-being, stress resistance and regeneration are possible – even for busy managers

Inner strength is achieved in a supportive environment with a sophisticated mix of exercises and carefully designed methods. Our particular method is a vibrant mix of sustainable and effective development: stimulatiing experiences in nature, useful inputs and know how, individual and group exercises, reflection units, dynamic and quiet moments.
A key element is mindfulness. With that ancient and very modern quality we achieve a depth and intensity that makes this training highly effective. It is tailor-made for the demanding reality of managers.

Strengthen your people AND develop the company

This training is meant to strengthen key managers and key employees. This is very useful especially in the „un-Times” and can lead to a huge competitive advantage. The stronger and more stable the people are, the more the company will benefit.

But: Training cannot be a substitute for necessary developments within the company. The slogan “We need to strengthen our people, then they can master even the most difficult situation” is short-sighted and in the long run, counterproductive.

If managers continue to develop the organization, and consistently provide the essential key players an in-depth training on how to keep fit in turbulent times, then a good foundation has been created for the confident handling of uncertainty, the unknown and the unexpected.