xperience with large projects shows: a lot of difficulties stem from the beginning phase, but no one was aware of them. Beginnings are pre-decisive moments and should be tackled with caution.

We usually organize and moderate kick-off events for the following occasions:


  • As a staring-event to a complex or particularly challenging project
  • At the beginning of a new fiscal year (especially with sales teams)
  • To start a process of change or an enterprise-wide initiative


Kick-offs are ideal to create clarity for goals and to get commitment for successful implementation. Needs and expectations of individuals, groups and entities become obvious, roles, responsibilities and structures clarify themselves for all participants. The style of the Kick-Off lays the foundation stones for the required cooperation-culture within the project afterwards. Kick-Offs are a good chance for relationship-building. Optimism and enthusiasm for the project will generate and external partners, or even customers, can be involved.

Particularly when the success of a project or initiative not only depends on the content of the right solutions, but also on the spirit and dedication of the people involved, we like to integrate special outdoor activities. These help to increase the spirit of WE and to create a good energy for all upcoming challenges.