Leading in Transition

Leading in Transition


t’s clear: In modern and future-oriented companies the way of leading is completely different from the traditional and classic practices.
Leaders who know and decide everything by themselves are not are no longer cutting-edge.
The boss is no longer the reality, but the reality is the boss!
A dynamic, complex environment requires leaders who act with a totally different mindset. Increased training of soft skills and a greater attention to relationships with employees are not enough

The change of leadership – a challenge for all involved

Businesses are ultimately measured by facts and figures. The route to financial success will differ fundamentally from previous, long learned practices. That means big changes for the field of Leadership.
For a period of time strong manager personalites were desired. Leadership now, and in future, requires a different approach. Until now, it was normal for leaders to do the thinking, planning and decision making for most important aspects of an organization. Now, and in the future, managers will be juged on how well they

  • create an environment that encourages independent thinking and acting,
  • initiate and allow self-organization,
  • attract and develop smart people,
  • create an attractive working environment where engaged employees want to go beyond the expected,
  • establish a communication, which is characterized by transparency, dialogue and understanding,
  • ask interesting questions rather than to have an answer ready for everything,
  • are in dialogue with employees and teams, how they allow them to evaluate the leaders’s performance,
  • initiate intelligent experiments, where all participants quickly learn from, and the entire company benefits from,
  • form communities with passion, confidence and a strong sense of responsibility,
  • work together with the staff and with other leaders to ensure a focused force on the market.

This new way of leading is a challenge for managers, since a totally different set of qualities is required. Employees too, will be challenged. They will need to be much more engaged.

Accelerate the change of leadership with 3U Leaders – Development Programs

We go new directions within our leadership trainings. Apart from the classical tools and content, the 3U Leaders-Trainings focus primarily on basic attitudes, leadership behavior, and tools, which are highly effective in times of the unknown, the unexpected and uncertainty.

The trainings are characterized by:

  • more than twenty years of experience in the development of effective leaderhip-teams and leadership-cultures,
  • impressive exercises and training content
  • interactive learning – partly in the natural environment
  • a dynamic interplay of activity, inputs, own creation, reflection, consolidation and transfer
  • an innovative training concept in which participants are challenged holistically and learn effective ways for further self-development,
  • practical knowledge and useful tools.

Leading in Un-Times – the training for you and your company

Together with you, we develop the training that best suits your company, and your specific situation.
A 3 day-training may be perfect for you.
Or, we may recognize a more extended training is the solution for your situation. Consisting of 3 modules of 3 days each, combined with dialogue sessions within the company and with other initiatives to strengthen the leadership culture.