We are selective concerning the choice of location for workshops and events.

On the world map below you can find some of our tried and tested venues.

As a dynamic and flexible corporate culture requires an appropriate structure, the success of workshops, trainings and events is stimulated by a supportive environment.

We like to integrate nature and environment into our work. Therefore many of our locations are outside of cities or completely in remote areas: in the mountains, by lakes or at the sea.

We recommend an exceptional base in the Salzburg mountains: Goldegg. With its old, renovated castle, excellent hotels with splendid food, the small romantic lake and of course the beautiful mountains it depicts an ideal location for productive time-outs.

Perhaps you have already found a location on the world map below which serves you and your initiatives by its proximity and demands. If you have not we are sure to find an appropriate site for whatever you require.

As you can see our “home base” is in Austria but many parts of Germany and Switzerland are just as well homelike.

With our international customers we travel the “big wide world”, too. Whether the U.S., many European countries, the Arab Gulf States, China, India, or Russia – there is no place too far or too exotic for us.

Here is the map of the world with proven locations: