Mission and Values

Mission and Values


e provide our customers – leaders, teams, business units and companies – with highly effective support to confidently master the challenges that arise from the 3U’s: the Unknown, the Unexpected and the Uncertain.

It is our concern to provide helpful support to our customers so that they are able:

  • to successfully master the diverse and dynamic challenges now and in the future,
  • to be highly adaptable, resilient and innovative within turmoil and change,
  • to form vital and powerful communities and
  • to develop companies further so that they are attractive to dedicated, smart, and modern-thinking people.

Keys for mastering the 3 U’s successfully

Here are some of the key-success-factors that enable companies to manage the current dynamics and complexity. The Unknown, the Unexpected and the Uncertain can be overcome more easily that way.

  • Leadership-New: Leadership as a joint task of the leadership team and managers acting more as supporters and promoters than as commanders.
  • Communities based on trust, courage, and passion.
  • Supportive structures, systems, and processes – from the rigid hierarchy to network dynamics.
  • Rapid learning and high adaptability – in the strategy work on new projects and innovative ideas.
  • Mindfulness – a fundamentally different form of perception, attention, and openness. Individually and as a whole company.

Our doing is designed in a way that helps you to develop these key-success-factors within your company. The result is: sustainable developments to keep your company fit for the future.

A change is happening

There are clear signs of change in the basic approach to corporate governance. We constantly meet executives and entrepreneurs who ask intensive questions on how companies have to change in order to survive today’s and the future turbulences.

The basis of the ongoing transformation are new values. These determine all thinking and actions. All the way to the roots. Examples of these new values and basic assumptions are: network thinking, peripheral – hardly centralized transparency, self-organization, voluntariness, community, real confidence, dynamics, and diversity.

We endeavor to live exactly these values within our team and especially in interaction with our customers and partners.
And we are motivated to provide active support to executives and managers to whom this looming transformation is a concern. That is how future security is created: for teams, units and entire companies.

Das Team: Rainer Petek, Herbert Schreib, Werner Bein, Florian Pichler (von links)

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