ou will never really reach the top”. Reinhard Karl expresses that even if we have climbed the highest, most difficult, most beautiful mountain, there will always be new goals and new opportunities.
The business world proves to be similar: continuous development, re-orientation and alignment, always remaining amenable for new ways, exploration and discovery are necessary in order to survive in the market.

Since ancient times mountains have been very special places. People from different cultural backgrounds went into the mountains to seek wisdom or personal growth or to find answers for difficult questions..

The special atmosphere of the mountains is ideal for special experiences – for you as a team, as leaders or as a performance community.
From a memorable team experience to a powerful part within a change process – the options are limitless.
A wonderful hike in the early morning, a retreat to a remote mountain cabin, a challenging climb up to the top of a mountain, staying overnight in a bivouac – these are some of the fascinating possibilities you have both in summer and winter.

A few ideas for your inspiration

4 day mountain hike with ascent to the summit of Mt.Dachstein
An international management team has been taking a Strategic Time-Out once or twice a year for several years now. The themes of these time-outs are strongly correlated with the specific situation of the team or the company. One time strategy is the focus, another time a conflict between two departments and yet another time the development of an important customer issue. The facilitated workshops were combined with outdoor activities that were sometimes just slightly, sometimes a bit more challenging. One of these workshops was designed as a “Special”. The theme was “Excellent Cooperation” in the management team. As activity, a 4-day mountain hike in the Gosaukamm, near Salzburg, was chosen. The highlight was a glacier trip with the ascent to the Dachstein summit, accompanied by mountain guides and the process coach of 3U Leaders. But it was not just a pure mountain tour. Reflection units and dialog rounds made the adventure a very special learning-opportunity for challenging situations within the company-life.
It is needless to say: This management team is the benchmark in terms of performance and innovation within the company worldwide.

Module: Leadership. New. Experience.
Over a multi-stage management training of an international corporation one of the modules is designed as a “Special”. Knowledge and know-how about new ways of leadership were the content of the previous modules. This “Special-Module” is meant to give the participants the chance to experience leadership directly. On the mountain and in the environment of nature. The participants of the module get the task to plan, to organize and to conduct a 3-day mountain trip. The budget is limited and the basic conditions are demanding. Now the participants need to take leadership for the specific tasks. This is an excellent way to experience important elements of leadership via activities on the mountain. With targeted interventions and reflections the experience is set into the context of the curriculum of the leadership training.

The mountain-hut as headquarters
A romantic hut in the mountains of Salzburg constitutes an ideal “safe haven” for a time-out of an international management team. The team organizes everything themselves during the “Special Workshops”. In the pleasant and warm atmosphere of the mountain hut the consultant of 3U Leaders initiates dialogues on important team topics. During the day the team goes out into the fascinating nature, with snow shoes or cross country skis. For the team the cabin becomes a special place for coming together, for sharing and for mutual support. They cultivate a kind of cooperation that helps them to deal with the challenges in business very effectively. The numerous awards the team won within the Group are evidence for the success of those “Special-Time-Outs”.