Our Approach

Our Approach

Un-times require a new approach in consulting and support


he days of large-scale and wide-ranging change programs have passed. However: dynamics, complexity and change overtake each other. What might appear useful and safe today often needs adjustment and change before long.

This first and foremost requires a new approach in consultancy. Initiatives that have been planned centrally and solely in an ivory tower to then be imposed from top to bottom are doomed to fail in times of uncertainties.

Many managers were trained and have partly automated the cause-effect thinking in its linear and mechanistic expression. This often is a key factor for the failure of change initiatives. The approach to turn just one screw or lever to the right place may work on machines. However, it is short-sighted for companies because they are complex and dynamic entities. We are dealing with people, interactions, and relationships. Everything is linked and interrelated in some way and above all unpredictable and uncertain to some extent. Effective support in terms of consulting, development, and training must reflect this exciting and varied reality. Only then the initiatives stand a chance to be implemented successfully.

The 3U LEADERS approach integrates contrasts

We from 3U LEADERS developed our consulting and working approach through many projects and experiences during our consulting work over the last years – in total, there are more than 55 years of consulting experience (wow, so we are already old). Our approach is in line with the new reality of unpredictability and uncertainty.

It is characterized by the integration of occasionally conflicting dimensions.
Basically, we act as a process consultant. This means that we see change as a dynamic process that requires openness, flexibility and a high degree of attention. At the same time we are not afraid to release important impulses or propose options to accelerate the implementation.

We commit ourselves to help any company in the necessity to find the optimal solution for its specific situation. Such a solution usually lies within the company itself. The importance of involving as many people as possible from the beginning and giving them the chance to participate actively in the development process has been proven over and over again. Nevertheless, there are always moments and situations where the responsible managers are required to take a stand, to give guidance and to come to decisions. At such moments we display the needed sensitivity: to recognize what is helpful in which situation.

Our 3U Leaders development initiatives and individual workshops and trainings are characterized by stages of opening and exploring but also by active moments with pausing and deep reflecting. It is equally important for us to get to the heart of the matter, to develop effective solutions and keep track of the consistent implementation.

We advise, accompany, support and promote major developments

In summary, we are an effective partner for leaders. We ask, observe, confirm, set targeted interventions, offer orientation models, and drive the process in cooperation with stakeholders to find solutions and to manage the implementation. Changes of individuals, teams, and entire companies, whether evolutionary or radical, have a good chance to a lasting effect when the parties involved have a serious possibility to actively contribute to the solution finding process.

Das Team: Rainer Petek, Herbert Schreib, Werner Bein, Florian Pichler (von links)

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