Our Style

Our Style


acilitating workshops on various topics and issues has always been a central part of our work in all the years of collaboration with various companies regarding demanding consulting processes and the support of Leadership- and Project teams.

What is special about our way to facilitate?

When we ask our customers they give us the following answers:

  1. In-depth preparation and coordination with the customer.
  2. The way we involve the participant’s wishes, expectations and understanding of the situation in a manner that ensures the quiet ones get a chance to be heard.
  3. We also have the ability to provide a common thread even in situations which seem very confusing.
  4. At crucial points in the process we are keen to offer impulses or interventions to help and we have the strength to bring up the right topics so those can be worked on.
  5. Often we stay in the background and focus on our task to lead participants gently but deliberately towards results.

Trust the process!
Despite best preparation or most intensive exchange with the customer and comprehensive understanding of the subject, individual phases or moments during workshops are connected with the 3 U’s. Uncertainty whether we are working on the right topic; or if the next step will lead in the right direction; or what will arise unexpectedly. For such situations we have our own inner motto: Trust the process!

Our way of moderation is unexpected and surprising sometimes. But it always has a big impact, especially when we use extraordinary tools, interactive exercises and techniques. Sometimes, if appropriate, we integrate exercises in nature as a useful and welcome support of the workshop process

Every so often it might be apt to purposely seek the silence, solitude and confined space of a cabin in the mountains or the extraordinary atmosphere of a good place in nature.

These are topics where we offer our moderation: