each people not to build ships, but teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea”. Freely adapted from Antoine de Saint-Exupery we experience the meaning and effect of a common goal during a sailing trip which can be integrated into a change-process.
Commitment with “handshake” quality, clear tasks and responsibilities, the role of leadership and the power of good interaction are further building blocks of success, which are experienced during a sailing adventure. Those experiences can be transferred directly into the process of change within your company.

The limited space on a ship and the width of the sea are welcome contrasts for concentrated work on issues like strategy, leadership and teamwork.

Surely you have heard the following quotes already, but did you yet have the chance to directly feel the power inherent to these ideas?

“For a ship that does not know its destination, no wind is the right one”
“It’s not so important from which direction the wind blows, but how we set sail”
“A team is a group of people who need each other to achieve a challenging goal”

Leaders like to use those citations as symbols for orientation, clarity of purpose, cooperation and leadership, as well as for the development of values and important aspects of corporate culture. The sea, the ship, the dependencies on each other and on the conditions, life on board, teams, hierarchies, roles, tasks and responsibilities, to withstand the forces of nature as a dedicated team – with this 3U Leaders Special the symbolism is lived to see.

This experience is geared towards executives, management teams, managers and owners of companies, notwithstanding at project teams and people who are dependent on collaboration across sectors. Just as well it enriches people who want to expand their personalities.

It unifys a training and coaching for managers and teams to address business challenges in a time of the unknown, the unpredictable and the uncertain and during times of accelerated change.

Specific topics of your business, in particular the development of a new direction, or designing clever strategies, or implementing an appropriate corporate- and leadership culture, wrapped in the planning, preparation, execution and evaluation of sailing- all of those can serve key elements.

A stable basis for sustainable solutions is established with dialogs during the preparation phase, cooperation, fulfilling tasks and responsibilities, communication and workshops on board, feedback and reflections.

Implementation meetings and coaching days organized after the trip foster the integration of the sailing experiences into important developments within your company. The combination of all this leads to effective results and changes.