Stress Resistance

Stress Resistance

Top Fit instead of Burnout – What managers can learn from top athletes


his is the title of an article in the September issue of the 2012er Red Bulletin. The article reports on the comparison of one of the best Austrian climber – Kilian Fischhuber – and an unnamed typical manager at the age of 50 years. Not the climbing skills have been compared but the ability to deal with stress and the effects stress has on both the body and the psyche, especially during the performing phases.

First of all: The manager’s way to handle and to deal with stress is very bad. Not only during the times with activity, but also in the more quiet times. The level of stress can also be detected during the various stages of sleep. That means, the manager is not able to regenerate anymore. No good precondition for stressfull and challenging tasks a manager has to face everyday.

According to the leader of that study, the results of the tested manager are not exceptional. Actually the tested manager is one of many. And they all showed pretty much the same symptoms of negative stress. Unfortunately such bad results have also been shown in various publications that deal with the issue of stress, health and performance. That’s a human concern. But it’s also very costly for the companies and the society. And it is certainly not helpful to the successful management of the 3Us – the Unknown, the Unexpected and Uncertainty.


We offer you, your executives and key persons a very intelligent method that has been proven for more than 30 years to be highly effective in building a strong capability to handle stress. The 3U Leaders Stress-Resistance-Training uses the benefit from Mindfulness-Based Trainings. This method was developed by the American doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1980s.
He applied mindfulness practices especially for people in difficult situations, in which even the most violent medicine did not help much anymore. We have transferred this method to the situation of managers.
The mindfulness exercises are easy to learn. You can apply them almost anywhere and they show good improvements in stress resistancy in a very short amount of time. This has been proved not only by many of the statements of participants, but also through numerous scientifically documented studies.

The training data for obtaining a high stress resistance

The training is conducted in-house. It can take place in your company or in the vicinity of one of your locations.
The training consists of:

  • A 2 hour preparation workshop
  • 5 training units of 2.5 hours each
  • The training sessions will be held every 2 weeks
  • The actual training is in between. Participants are encouraged to practice in the times between the training sessions at home. 15-30 minutes per day.
  • CD’s and training manuals
  • 6-8 weeks after the last training session, there is a 2-hour workshop to reflect the implementation