The North Face Principles

The North Face Principles


ainer Petek is a highly successful climber and renowned management consultant. With the experiences from two different worlds, as an extreme climber and professional mountain-guide on the one hand and as a proven management consultant for difficult change situations in corporate life on the other hand, he created a distinct approach to his key notes and speeches: he employs the similarities between the leadership challenges in the mountains and in business life.

His speeches are about how to master uncertainty, the unknown and the unexpected. In difficult north faces of the Alps as well as in difficult change situations.
Impressive stories, spectacular pictures and helpful transfer-ideas for the challenges of managers make his speeches inspiring presentations. In addition, Rainer Petek is highly valued for his ability to adapt his content to the motto of a conference, or to the goals of a management-meeting or a customer presentation.

His current topics are:

Northface-Principles – how to manage the Uncertainty:
new ways of thinking and acting in times of change

  • Fresh perspectives for mastering change and finding new ways to succeed in the future
  • How to deal with the Uncertain and the Unexpected
  • Leaving the comfort-zone with teams and realizing sustainable success in the area of the Unknown

Expedition CHANGE – Leadership in uncertain times

  • How to find orientation and convey security to employees in times of change
  • Creating effective conditions to boost innovation and change
  • Realizing sustainable success through the combined effort of determined leadership and the power of self-organization

ACT! – Take courageous steps into the unknown and master difficult situations together

  • How you keep your goals in focus despite uncertainty and difficult situations
  • Implementation means achieving together. Managing the unknown and mastering the unexpected
  • New ways require new ways in leading and cooperating

Rainer Petek gets continuously very positive feedback from customers who invited him for a key-note or a speech:

„In times of technological change in the automobile industry the BMW Group is venturing for new ways. In your speech you have shown how the the principles of extreme mountain climbing can be applied to modern management. Many thanks for your inspiring presentation, which gave us fresh perspectives and a strong stimulus to think ahead.”
Karsten Engel, Senior Vice President Sales Germany, BMW Group

„The combination of experiences in extreme situations with stratecic thinking makes the keynote of Rainer Petek very special: he gets an extraordinary level of attention and shows very practical and hands-on how to think different about challenges and how to cope with them in a new and effective way.”
Alexander Buchner, MBA, Country Manager,
Central Europe-Romania, M-I SWACO Drilling Fluids

„Rainer Petek shows in a powerful way what the elementary qualities are that a top-leader has to have or to develop. Authentically and with clear values that are comprehensible and convincing.”
Jens Ritter, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Rainer Petek at one of his speeches at a management conference