The Purpose

The Purpose

Seminar room – River, Mountain, Sea


ith our Specials we use the nature as possibility for development. The main part of work during change initiatives takes place indoors. In between, it may be helpful to set a deliberate counterpoint and do something outdoors. As well it may be of great value for you and your team to do something extraordinary once a year.
Being together outdoors, making common experiences and benefit from it in everyday life.

Why does that make sense?
Uncertain, unknown and unexpected- that is today’s reality, especially in the economical environment. Every day. And every day we have to get up and confront ourselves with that reality – as a person and as a business. We must find ways and possibilities to handle that situation, to remain successful and in extreme cases, to ensure our survival in the market.

What looms behind the next corner? What comes next? Yes, we have maps, GPS and can get almost any information. That helps to create a picture of what lies ahead of us, namely, when we are on our way in the nature on a river, in the mountains or on the sea. And yet, every time we start climbing a new climbing route, or if we are up to kayak or canoe an unknown part of the river, or when we set sail out to the open sea, there is the special tingling in us stimulated by the uncertainty, the unknown and the unexpected of that special situation.

Wir von 3 U Leaders mussten im Rahmen unserer Expeditionen, Unternehmungen und unzähligen Berg-, Kajak- und Segeltouren immer wieder das Unerwartete bewältigen, aus Unsicherheit Sicherheit und aus Ungewissheit Gewissheit schaffen.

We, the consultants of 3U Leaders, have had a lot of situations during our expeditions and adventures in which we had to overcome the unexpected, had to find security in an uncertain environment and found ways through unknown terrain.
We learned on the wild rivers of Europe, America, New Zealand, and in the Himalayas, on difficult and extreme climbing routes in Canada, in the Himalayas, and in the north faces of the Alps, as well as during many sailing adventures from and for life.

Successfully dealing with the 3 U’s saved us from greater harm, but each time we returned home we had gained at least one experience.

ll these experiences influence our Specials and we use them for addressing business challenges. You learn and live through and from experience: finding out how helpful and motivating an overall goal or an exciting plan can be; to feel and perceive the power of a sincere commitment, given per handshake; experiencing the importance of cooperation, teamwork and collaboration for the individual and for the team; taking responsibility for others and be rewarded with appreciation, acceptance and trust.

Mindfulness, humility and respect, the ability to think in scenarios, coming to correct conclusions drawn from observations and perceptions, flexibility and decisiveness are useful qualities and abilities for dealing with the 3 U’s.

Our Specials offer great opportunities to experience successful ways of handling the 3U’s on mountains, sea or river. Transferring these experiences into the context of your business is one of the benefits you can get out.