ou can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

This quote from Galileo Galilei, expresses the secret of successful personal development. It guides us when we design training programs, when we act as trainers during our trainings, and constantly reminds us of the nature of living systems: Development is always an internal activity.

This leads automatically to special requirements for trainings. Hours of frontal lectures and slide presentations are not appropriate. Participants must have the chance to use and test the learning. Learning happens through deep examination. We use a whole series of activating methods, interactive seminar work, group work, experiential learning sessions both indoors and outdoors, reflection, case studies, learning diary, analog methods, working in peer groups, etc. With the focus to achieve the goals of your organization.

The integration of our training modules into the organizational context of your reality, and the adaptation of the training to the needs of your company is vitally important to us. Conception and design are always done in close consultation with you.

Goldegg in the Alps of Salzburg is ideal for most of our training-programs

The small and idyllic village of Goldegg, located 30 minutes south of Salzburg, on a sunny terrace with spectacular views of the mountains of the Gastein Valley, the Hochkönig and the Central Alps, is our training base for most of our training programs.
The renovated castle offers a cultural-meeting-location and conference center. It is the ideal environment for concentrated work. The hotels, close to the castle and the small lake, spoil us with charm and quality. Above all, the Hotel Post fom the family Gesinger, embraces us.

The 3 U’s require special skills

The necessary personal skills for the management of the 3 U’s – the unknown, the unexpected and uncertainty – are usually not addressed within classic leadership development programs at all. We offer a range of specialized trainings for managers to develop and improve the skills for successful management of the 3U’s:

Moreover, we see leadership not only as a personal competence, but also as an organizational capability. This level of collective competences requires collaborative learning and for this we have developed a special training program: