orkshops are organized for various reasons or occasions and present themselves a very effective possibility for working together on important topics substantially. In addition to working on the content workshops are great opportunities for relationship building and strengthening the sense of responsibility.

The tab „Moderation” on this website supplies a selection of topics of regularly facilitated workshops. In addition to these topics we are frequently enquired to draft, design and moderate workshops for the following reasons:

  • to find solutions for a difficult business topic or organizational problem
  • to get focused on a challenging task or on an upcoming transformation
  • to be able to work well in a new structure after reorganization
  • to freely contemplate a topic and develop new ideas and solutions
  • to create acceptance for a decision and working together on the preparation of its implementation
  • to optimize a process or clarify new roles and responsibilities
  • to work on substantial issues while strengthening the relationship level, e.g. in a cross-departmental and cross-functional collaboration or with partners, suppliers and customers

Who and how many should participate?
The exact answer to the question who should be there and what should be the number of participants is part of our common preparation with the customers and depends on the situation, the topic and the goals.
Sometimes it is more sensible to work intensely on solutions within a smaller circle, other times there are reasons for inviting more people, for example interface-partners. Sometimes it’s the goal of a workshop to come to clear decisions. Another time workshops are used for creative work or to get acceptance for a decision.
In certain situations, 10 to 15 participants are an optimum number. And in other cases you will need up to 35 people to create a special dynamic. It always is an individual decision and depends on the specific circumstances.

The optimal time frame?

Most of the workshops facilitated by us have a duration from 1,5 to 3 days. Sometimes, for very specific and well-defined topics, it might be shorter.
The need for communication and coordination should not be underestimated. Our experience shows: the more time there is in a workshop, the better it is. That small investment pays back multiply in the implementation of the outcomes.