High Impact Workshops

Formation and further development of a top management team

One of many examples

Initial situation: We have already accompanied and supported the leader in various management functions. Two years ago, he became the CEO of a large and multi-billion dollar division within a multinational corporation. His direct management team consists of 18 top managers.

Start: At the beginning of his new assignment, he initiated an offsite that lasted several days. At this first High Impact Workshop, strategic, organizational and cultural cornerstones for the joint venture were developed and agreed. Supported with simple activities in nature, for example with an early morning hike and with a safe and challenging team exercise in climbing rockwall.

Success: This was the kick off for a brilliant development of the team. Economically very successful, as a team a role model for other top teams and as a division attractive for engaged employees.

Development: In the meantime, this has evolved into a continuous collaboration. Once a year, there is an offsite meeting lasting several days, followed by follow-up meetings at shorter intervals. At these meetings, the status of developments and progress is being checked and any adaptations are initiated. If one or the other sub-team needs a high-impact workshop for itself, these are carried out in the sense of the overall development.

Successful Online-Offsite: The recent offsite was held exclusively online. With optimal preparation, a tailored dramaturgy and a supporting “socializing session”, the multi-day online workshop was rated as good and effective as the previous face-to-face events, despite initial skepticism.

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Realizing effective change

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Leading with modern Leadership

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