Leadership Programs

The Top 100 Leadership Program

A concrete example

Initial situation: Globally active German company. Successful for a long time. Then economic difficulties. A newly appointed management team strives to turn the company around and make it fit for the future.

One of the initiatives planned for this is to realign the leadership culture in upper and middle management. The desire is to implement the turnaround strategy with the executives. At the same time, the ineffective corporate culture characterized by silo mentality and counterproductive internal competition is to be given a boost in the direction of modernization.

Our approach: The Top 100 Leadership Program. Designed to last one year. Starting with the C-Level and the Top Management Team. During this process, goals are defined, guardrails are formulated, and the desired transformation is underpinned with a compelling and clearly understandable story of the future.

The Top-100 camp: This is followed by a leadership base camp. A large group event with the top 100 leaders and key people. The focus is on the goals and strategies of the turnaround and on the principles of the new way of leading set out in the Future Story.

Next steps: By means of further workshops, meetings and communication forums, managers are challenged to live the new way of leading and cooperating and to implement the turnaround strategy in their own area of responsibility.
The developments initiated are supported through an open and uncomplicated communication offensive by the management. A regular Pulse Check provides orientation what changes are being realized with the implemented the measures.

Online initiatives: The constantly worsening conditions caused by the pandemic are also hitting this project. Many of the initiatives are moved into the virtual space. A bit bumpy at first, but over time with much better effects than expected.

Results after one year: Good steps in the turnaround. Much better interaction in top management. Broad-based commitment to change across the entire management team. New understanding of management and leadership powerfully initiated. Cooperation and togetherness on a new level.

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High Impact

Achieve a lot in a short time

Increase motivation, improve and strengthen team spirit and cooperation or initiate innovations and changes with effective impulses


Realizing effective change

To develop the company as a whole or subdivisions into new dimensions. Goals: Being successful now and fit for the future